Modular Speed Reducers - WG Series

Modular Speed Reducers - WG Series

Built for a Long Life...

  • Integral Worm and Input Shaft -- Precision cut, induction hardened, and precision ground for smooth operation and long life cycle. 
  • Four Bearing Design Standard -- Maintains proper gear mesh and alignment (except some hollow shaft sizes).
  • Alloy Bronze Gear -- Chill cast bronze for increases strength and durability.
  • Internally Cast Chevron -- On sidewalls of Worm Top styles to direct oil to bearings, improving bearing lubrication and seal life. 
  • Cast Iron Housing Body-- Resists corrosion.  The one-piece case is strong and compact.
  • Painted Housing Interior -- Seals against corrosion, prevents contamination from casting. 
  • Models Available -- Click to see each of the models.

WG Series Speed Reducers

  • Center Distances from 40mm to 225mm
  • Single reduction from 5:1 to 70:1 - fractional HP up to 50 HP.
  • Output Torque - 200 in-lbs to 52,000 in-lbs. 
  • Double Reduction from 50:1 to 3600:1
..Higher Ratios in a Single Reduction Unit

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