Cleveland Gear is proud to be a part of the IMC/IMCI family of companies.

IMC & IMCI are composed of a proud family of industrial services companies that produce a wide variety of innovative products and services.  Connected by a network of over 30 worldwide manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities, IMC & IMCI produces aircraft and aerospace ducting systems, gears, lubrication systems, steel and plastic lockers, storage systems, high-performance strainers, rail components, industrial hoses and expansion joints.    

For more information about IMC & IMCI, please visit them at

Other companies in the IMC and IMCI family are:
The Hellan Strainer Company has been providing quality strainer solutions for over 60 years, Hellan Strainer is your OEM supplier of Strainers, Deck Plates, Fire Hose Reels and Refuelling Hose Reels. Visit  to see how their complete product line can improve your fluid handling systems.


Columbia Gear is an integrated supplier of custom gearing and power transmission products including internal and external precision spur and helical gears, splined gears and shafts, complete gearbox assemblies and related mechanical transmission products.  Visit them today at


Milwaukee Machine Works is a state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2008 certified machine shop located in the metro Milwaukee area.  With some of the largest and most precise measuring capabilities in the country, you need them as your machining and measurement specialists.  For more information, please visit
 Penco Products is America's leading supplier of storage products and material handling solutions.  Supplying lockers, storage cabinets, shelving, pallet racks, shop furniture, hygiene products and bleachers & benches for over 140 years.  Visit Penco at
Flexider provides metal expansion joints and ducting solutions for the industrial and aerospace industries.  To see how Flexider can assist your company, visit for their US office, or for their international office.
SM Seals specializes in the design, testing, manufacturing and supply of an extensive range of mechanical sealing solutions for the power generation industry.  For more information on the complete range of customized sealing solutions, visit
Bijur Delimon is an international lubrication company providing automatic lubrication systems for almost every industry.  For more information about their products and services, please visit


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