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Enclosed Drives

Our pre-engineered worm drives offer the broadest range of size, configurations and output torques in the industry. The Modular “M” Series (1.33” – 4.25”CD) and the newly redesigned Millennium Series (5” – 12” CD) drives continue Cleveland Gear’s tradition of rugged reliability established with its “AF & RF” Series (3” – 36” CD) drives.  Click here for more details

Open Gearing

Cleveland Gear offers the broadest range of worm gearing (3” – 54” CD) in the industry. With over 1500 hobs in stock, we can produce a multitude of ratios. Where a useable hob is not available, we will design and produce a custom hob in our facility. Our recess action hob designs optimize the efficiency and power transmission of the gearset.  Click here for more details


Custom Drives

Cleveland Gear has a long-standing tradition of working with its customers to develop the most cost-effective enclosed drive design for any application. Often, this requires designing a drive from a clean sheet of paper. Originally, these custom drives only utilized worm gearing. Today, our custom drive designs utilize all types and combinations of gearing.

We have produced both single and multiple speed drives in single to quadruple reductions with output torques up to four and one-half (4.5) million inch-pounds. Cleveland Gear can also upgrade your existing drive or duplicate an older drive integrating current mounting dimensions. Click here for more details


The reliability of our enclosed drives often results in forty to fifty years of uninterrupted service. Many of our customers prefer to refurbish these drives rather than replace them. Because of our “Master Worm System” and hob inventory, we have the capability to produce the worm and gears originally installed in the drives. We offer both in the field and in the factory refurbishments. We refurbish Cleveland Gear drives and drives produced by other manufacturers. For many of these refurbishments, we can upgrade the design while maintaining the existing dimensions.   Click here for more details


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